Saturday, 10 November 2012

this week...

 I enjoyed this! mega-yummy and i strongly recommend it, especially if you love the white stuff in the choccy bar is full of the white stuff! Its only just been released this week here in the UK and it's a really lovely treat!

 I enjoyed a wonderful home-made vegetarian Blue cheese and pear slice topped with pine-nuts. Such a wonderful collision of flavours and textures...the gooey cheese, the flaky pastry...
I think i will make one for christmas as I enjoyed it so much and it is so simple in execution surely!

 Hubby made chocolate angel delight pudding...and topped it with choccy buttons...cos he felt like it! I havent had angel delight since i was a child so it was a nice blast from the past. Ever since we really been watching the pennies, Matt seemed to have gone back to the comfort food he enjoyed when he was younger...strange really!

 Browsed some shops and at the moment, rustic and vintage is catching my eye...

 coffee (in my case, hot chocolate!) with friends is a nice treat! especially when they are there for you when you're feeling low :)

 Kicking up the bright fallen leaves...its definetly autumn here!

Admiring this cute topshop jumper!..think i need to give some thought to what I might make to wear on christmas day!...hmmm....

Its been a long week with therapy, doctors, vertigo, illness...but its been good in a way too.

Hows your week been?

Birdie Love

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