Saturday, 17 November 2012

O.P.I Bond collection

Its not often i come across collections and products released as part of a film franchise that I like.
But O.P.I nail polishs have come up trumps with their Bond Collection.
I heard about it through a friend who told me, knowing I'd appreciate it (I do!) and my mum has been buying O.P.I for a long while and the colours and shine always looks brilliant on her lovingly maintained nails.

So from this, I knew this wasn't a cheap, gimmicky range!

I very much love this mini range and very close to buying it for my mother for christmas as i know she would appreciate it! And if you buy it off amazon you can pay only £10.50 for it which is a nice bargin!

The whole range all have a polish named after of course, a Bond movie!
This one is my personal fav called "The Living Daylights!"

But the beauty of them all is this one....

Shade?    "The man with the golden gun" of course!

This isnt cheap, around 3 times more costly than a standard shade, (amazon sells it at £25.95!)
 the reason being it contains real 18K gold flakes!

Pwetty! ^_^


What do you think?

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