Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I'm back!

Well, I'm back!

After an unscheduled tea break of around a week or so and apologies! It wasn't forseen and I have to admit I been busy, ill and recuperating all at once it seemed!
I was in and out of hospitals, doctors and had my first DBT/psychotherapy session so it was quite a busy and draining week.
I've had to contend with the possibility of  more surgery next year...scratch possibility, its pretty much certain now, either way, to fit me up with a cochlear implant...nothing like the potential of a 2 hour brain surgery to make you smile eh?!
And on top of that, due to the popularity of this blog and such, I now have to pay to run it...thank you Google!
Hey ho!

I hope you are all well, nothing like the offical countdown to christmas to enduce the panic in all of us hey?

I will be back soon with my usual run of updates!

Birdie love

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