Thursday, 13 December 2012

weekend gone by...

No! I havent got much in the way of pennies so why does that once in a life time purchase opportunity come my way dammit?! you are looking at a Karl Lagerfeld jacket which looks very "le smoking!"
Lagerfeld is head designer and creative director of Chanel so in a way, you're buying into his quality and vision!...I love it....might actually sneak back and drool over the shirts!

 Went out for a work christmas party...and by the time I see this sign, have already consumned the best part of a bottle of rose!....was absolutely sober all night however still!

 catching up with my wonderful old friend Tina and Lee! We had a very yummy lunch at Frankie and Bennys and loved these garlic dough balls and this cookie and cream sundae was mine...all mine!

walked with the lovely Hubby on a wonderful cold sunny day!

walked to the shops one restless night near midnight and admired the view of Plymouth City by streetlights all twinkling away on the horizon.

Hope you had a  nice weekend!

Birdie Love

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