Saturday, 15 December 2012

the madness of birdie

  • I originally set out doing this blog to try and be "cool", now I do this blog for me. It gets me out and about and gives me peace and a purpose.
  • I'm a secret girly girl and I'm ok with that. I just like my girly-ness to have a macho edge to it, thats all. After hearing others tease me, I now don't care as I'm girly on my own terms and i'm not going to apologise if I wear a cute skirt that day! :P
  • I hate, hate, hate those uggs boots that seems to be worn by women at the moment. They are fine for wearing when your snuggling but not fine out and about. they are revolting and make people look stupidly off-kilter! They remind me of someone hacking off Morph's feet and shoving their own feet in place. Its worst when they are fluffy...women end up trotting around town looking like clyde-dale horses! Its even worst when people wear cheap brands, they've lost their shape and people just look fat in them no matter what they look like! can tell they are something i hate cant you?!
  • I love crafting but often lack the motivation to get started...and in some ways i'm simply too scared and intimidated by myself! But i'm getting there to say the least! there are so many great craftsters out there, how on earth do i fit myself in?!
  • I very rarely get drunk. It takes a lot to get me drunk and by the time I am, i'm either sober (ever heard of "drinking yourself sober?")  or penniless. I don't really drink to be honest, I havent the time for it and I dont feel the need. If I do, I like my drinks to be hard stuff. I love a good whiskey/bourbon and well  made cocktails.
  • I was a tomboy up until I was roughly 24/25. I got fed up of looking rougher than I felt and feeling scared of womanly clothes and  make-up.  the rest is history as they say!
  • I collect books. I have a collection of vintage pornography by my bed along with literature of edwardian london's prositution trade and many other books in the same vein. Sex shaped a lot of our cultures and cities in ways we undervalue. I also collect penguin mini editions and have a large collection of craft and cooking books as well as manga and hard-to-find japanese books. I'm a biblophile.
  • I can read partly french and spanish but cannot speak them. Being deaf, i struggle with the english language! The only language I master well at is Sign Language, my first language. 
  •  I'm a food and fashion chameleon. Everything always changing for me. i get bored quickly in those areas and variety is the spice of life. Life is too short and routine kills in my eyes.
  • My ultimate comfort food is cheese or a bowl of rice with soy sauce and sometimes grated cheese folded in! 
  •  In 2011 I suffered a head trauma as a result of an accident at home. Since then, I have had to relearn to walk, talk and use my hands properly. I still struggle a year on but I cope a lot better now. I'm due for some more assessments and surgery and likely, a cochlear implant...which should be interesting!
What mad points do you have?

Birdie Love

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