Sunday, 16 December 2012

OMG draw something pictures!

Drawsomething has proven to be very very popular and addictive to many people. But there are some who raise the bar in terms of skill, coolness and what were they thinking?!


ah, i see what you did there.....and i applaud you!

 This is soooo good!

love Mr Miyagi watching in the background!


Hell boy isnt a morning person i take it from the look on his face....*backs away quietly*

Love it!

My all time favourite!

I love the quirky touch of spiderman about to be fried by the bug zapper!

I actually laughed out loud when i first saw this! This person had a stroke of genius to them for drawing this!

Im simply blown away by the skill and talent people invest into each drawing! How amazing are these?!

you can see these and more here

birdie love

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