Saturday, 15 December 2012

around town...

I was playing with a few shots and colours the other day...
local graffiti

mosaic wall art

doors of an old bank

the bright array of winter warming cookware

I just came out of therapy and we were talking about taking the time to slow down and see things in the here and now and appreciate it. It helps to see things you see on a daily occurance with a fresh pair of eyes and actually enagage with how you think and feel when you look around.
To me, in this chaos of a world, this is my wabi sabi moment where you shut everything out to appreciate the beauty that stands out. The perfect imperfection that places you somewhere where you feel calm, safe and at peace for just a moment of your day.

The "here and now" is something I will slowly learn properly over time.

What brings you peace?

Birdie love

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