Wednesday, 19 December 2012

pimp my pumps!

Im half way through a project right now where I'm pimping a pair of plain white pumps into somethinge rather extraordinary!

 I thought I share the work in progress!
 I bought specialist glue purposely made for glitter and some wonderful teal glitter from a recent craft show with the intention to do up a pair of pumps to my liking.
 I seen some expensive designer glittery pumps with jewels on the toes but dont have the $300 to pay for them!
 So i decided to do up my own pair and actually pick a colour I like and would wear! I was hypnotised by this wonderful teal glitter which is pretty much my favourite colour!
The shops have been selling during the sutumn, glittery converses and pumps but they either been really expensive for what is basically a glitter glue job or in shades that aren't my colours (too pink!) or rather tacky fabric/glitter.
 At least this way I get to stretch my creative energies a bit and have a play and come up with something for my wardrobe with my own personal touch!

Just going to do pink glitter on the toes and up the strip on the back for a wonderful contrast and thread some glittery ribbon as laces and I'm done!

Hope to get them done for friday so I can wear them to work for my last day!

What you think?

Birdie Love

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