Monday, 3 December 2012


one of the main reasons I love winter is for the stimuli of lights. the dark evenings makes even the dimmest light shine so bright. Christmas for me isn't christmas if there isnt even the faintest glimmer of fairy lights somewhere!

 There is always a funfair in the town centre at christmas and fairs like this along with the noises of music, laughter and choatic machines whirling and spinning, clashed with the sweet smell of sweets, fried churros and bitter musk of coffee really does make you take in the surroundings!

 look at how the colours reflect in the water!

 I love watching the motion of lights

 I love the clash of neons and colours in this shot!

trees lit up in tiny fairy lights makes it all so magical for me!

and some lights just draws people in towards homely food and warmth!

Birdie Love

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