Wednesday, 12 December 2012

crafted Mini-batman

For one of my prizes in a recent competition, the winner (steve) chose to have a mini-batman made up for him.
 here he is in process, crafted out of a variety of felt colours.

I drew up the pattern and slowly cute them out by hand and stitched with machine and by hand the little dude together.
 The most fiddliest piece to draw and cut out is the batman logo. see his little hand embroided hard-set mouth?
 Now wearing his little cape, hand stitched to his shoulders and looking more like the dark knight we all know!
Batman wearing his patented stern expression!

I really enjoyed making him and designing him to be made in fabric form and chosing a simple but effect design-way to suit him.
I could see myself making a whole bunch of little characters in this design-way! So we shall see!

What do you think?

birdie Love

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