Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Plymouth exhibits

Recently I had a nosey around Plymouth Art Centre, one of my favourite places to go in this city for a quiet drink and some thinking space and privacy. As i count myself an artistic soul, I feel very much at home in what is the cultural and art hubbarb of the city.

A current Exhibition is focusing on the people of Plymouth itself,  especially Efford as its potentially new cultural centre.

 The window is full of wonderul glowing, jewel-like jams and jellies, all made by local people and clubs.
 The chart below showed what flavours there were and you could bid individually on jars in a silent auction. So tempting!
 The public could even help themselves to recipe cards to make their own jams and jellies at home which i liked, as it encourages that "help youself" and "Be apart of something" spirit!

 The walls were awash with wonderful collections of photographs of previous events clubs and people have thrown in the city.
 And there was a wonderful blackboard where a collection of thoughts and expressions were on show with decided outcomes for the odd ones...

Its a nice exhibtion and I especially loved the colours, textiles and glow of all those jams!

What local things is happening in your city?

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