Thursday, 6 December 2012

Craft share - Bitter sweet Mid-winter theme

Personalised Name Pillow, Tattoo Flash, Pillowcase Pair
Personalised name tattoo pillow

I really like these wonderful covers and the fact is you get two of them! (alot of shops sells them individually!) and its something different and right up my street!I know my tattooed hubby would approve of these too!

Silver worm earrings
Silver worm earrings

And speaking of different, just how differently cool are these earrings?!

"Each earring was individually filed from a piece of silver wire to create the segments and tapered ends, before twisting into shape and soldering an earring pin on to the back. They were then barrel polished. Some tool marks are present on the earrings, giving them a more handcrafted feel. These processes ensure that each earring is unique."

so much care and effort gone into these and They are stunning!

Souvenir De Paris Necklace - Gorgeous One of A Kind Upcycled Necklace in Parisienne Blue...
Souvenir De Paris necklace

I'm in love! I been looking and re-looking at this amazing piece of jewellery! I adore it....shame about the fact I have no money....but still, I adore it!

Upcycled from a 1940's souvenir bracelet from Paris, its been reworked to look like this amazing baby!

I'm just going to keep looking at this and imagining it around my neck.....

fabric flower hair clip brooch with pearly beads
Fabric flower clip

This is such a wonderfully crafted flower brooch. All the fabrics carefully chosen and topped with that delicate wisp of a feather. how dreamily sweet is this?

Origami Birds Sinamay Fascinator
origami birds Fascinator

This is another piece I keep going back to look at and imagine it on my head for christmas day! It is so simply sweet and got a subtle nob to Japan and its wonderous culture I love!

I'm very much a hat person and love hats...just dont have many places and events to wear them too!

Sherlock Holmes - Pipe brooch. Classic book brooches made with original pages.
Sherlock Holmes Pipe brooch

I have been watching house of Ismay for a while and long admired their wonderful brooches. The extra special touch if you look closely is the covering of the brooch itself is from an old Sherlock Holmes book!
Its really wroth checking out the shop for other wonderful literacy brooches - can you find your favourite story there?

Magpie, Hand Stamped, Print
Hand stamped magpie print

I recently am looking into and enjoying print work on Etsy and appreciating the amount of hard work that goes into producing such wonderful things. We might think of print as mass produced but actually they can be incredibly time consuming and limited in number.
I love magpies and contemplating getting a magpie on my arm so when I see one alone out and about, instead of "one for sorrow", I can look down and see the second one in my skin and have my very own "Two for joy."
Magpies strangely have appeared quite strongly during huge changes in my life and Its something i would like to tribute to. And this print echoes that, and its simplicty is beautiful.

Magical Mushrooms. Shroom and Driftwood l.e.d. Mood Lighting Lamp Sculpture.
Magical Mushrooms LED

There truely is something really magical and intimate about these mushroom LEDs. The soft glow about them perhaps? The fantasical nostalgia of childhood stories? Maybe.
Ultimately its a stunning piece of sculpture and something that lends itself to creating a warm, snuggly environment.
Its amazing isn't it?

Nicely done! :)

Bird Nest Ornament Art Blue Eggs - 3 inch Nature Wool Silk Moss on Linen
Birds Nest art

"The needle felted nest is surrounded by natural preserved moss and rests upon cloth-covered branches with pale sage silk embroidered leaves. Sewn and embroidered on ivory linen, backed with light green cotton muslin and framed in a 3-inch wooden hoop that I painted white."

Simple and so sweet, perfect for those winter moments where we all dream of coming spring. There is an increasing amount of embroidery hoop arrt but this one is nicely different and one of the better ones seen.

Fine bone china small stoneware bowl with matt real gold.
Fine bowl china with gold detailing
 There seems to be so much vibrancy in these pieces. From the etheral glow of the china itself to the sun-brilliance gold around the rim that lifts it from the darkness into somehting you just want to feel in your hands, filled with warm tea that invites you to sip from it, whilst all curled up on a comfty sofa away from the cold weather.
I love how it invites to to touch and pick it up!

Art Dolls Bust 4"
Dolls Bust

"Art Doll made ​​in Paper Clay

♥ Her face was sculpted by hand (without using molds) and then painted with acrylics.
♥ With Glass Eyes
♥ She has a Red Button
♥ His hair is dyed sheep and is hand dyed by me.
♥ I used some lace for the clothes."

wow! what is paper clay? And wow! What a stunning end result! I really like this piece! I know somepoeple dont like dolls but to me, she isn't doll-like at all, more like a 3-D painting that you just want to treasure forever!
 I love her eyes and her pink, pouting lips and that hair is just amazing!
I'm in love!

What an amazing round up fo wonderous goodies made by the ever wonderful craftster out there in this crazy world! Keep up the work!

Birdie Love

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