Tuesday, 11 December 2012

christmas treats!

Christmas is nearly upon us and I have decided to get a head start whilst i can on a few goodies for friends who I be seeing at some parties and get togethers! Since there are so many I would love to gift them something yet havent got the finances to...I decided to try a different creative and fina ncial approach...I shall bake them a goody!

...ok...hardly radical I know but I rather give someone something small and handmade than nothing and simply shrug and say "Sorry mate, no cash."

you can be economical with the coins and keep everyone happy I reckon!

Chocolate bark is my first port of call! Layers of different chocolates all swirled together, liberally sprinkled with peppermint candy bits for added chewy crunch...all melted together...
 then topped with chocolate and more candy bits and sprinkles!....mustn't forget the sprinkles...!

I also made some mince pies using some rather sweet heart and stars cases bought from my favourite local boutique a few months back with the idea of using them for christmas. Thats forward planning for you!

Made my own shortcrust pastry andlines each case and hand cut the excess pastry away with a knife and pricked the bottom with a fork. I find it helps the pastry keep its shape well and prevents it from bubbling and rising.
I then blind cooked them for a bit in the over to cook the cases
 Then I spooned each case full of mince meat and topped with marzipan I put through the garlic press for tiny little bits I can sprinkle on top, as otherwise too much marzipan might be too rich and overwhealming

They don't look too bad hey? these are now tightly packed in a tin, ready to be bagged up for when I see friends!
Peppermint chocolate bark and mince pies? All home made? I think they make a nice present to any of my friends!

of course I had to road-test a mince pie first to check the goods were well...good enough!
Mince pie with a helping of Ben and Jerry's Apple pie ice cream?


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