Monday, 3 December 2012

oh cupcake tree...

I came home on sunday afternoon after a day out to find my hubby has decorated the house for christmas...such a wonderful thing to come home to!
He gotten out the cupcake baubles i bought last year that didnt make it out (due to being in an accident/hospital-yay!)
I forgotten how good they are!
 oh cupcake tree....
my fav-mr snowman cake!
 Oh cupcake tree....
my burlesque dancers making their yearly appearance!
 How yummy do you look to me!
tree is topped with a massive cupcake!


...tiny cakes!
That reminds me, I need to add my ice-cream baubles to this tree! So the christmas tree until then is a work in progress!

What your theme for your tree this year?

Birdie love!

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