Wednesday, 5 December 2012

insomniac crafting

sometimes I get a kick up the butt thanks to Insomnia and pull out unfinished craft projects and just get my craft on! I was actually sewing though the night pretty much non-stop only having to finally stop at 4 in the morning as I ran out of threads and couldnt finish!

I been collecting random pieces in charity shops and always make a frequent visit to one near my work as it is so popular and well located for students and hence, has a well stocked vintage selection.
Some of the pieces I been collecting have been tapestry pieces, intent to make them into wonderful pieces of home furnishings. Ive seen so many finished embroidery, tapestries and cross-stitched pieces in charity shops, where someone had spent a lot of time sewing away only for that effort to be forgotten about and passed on in a bag given to charity.

I wanted to make a small tapestry piece into a nice, simple cushion for my aunt who has a well balanced home and simple decor. So I been after some tartan or velvet material to make up the back of the cushion.

A trip on the day to my local charity shop proved a nice success!

 I came home with this large piece of scrap tartan material as well as some embroidery hoops and a selection of books and excellent quality second hand graphic novels that will be wrapped up and put under the tree for my hubby!

I saw this tartan and immediately knew that the colours would suit the tapestry sampler well and it does!

I quickly had it sewn up in no time! I just need to now stuff it and finish it off! Cant wait to show you the finished result! It really does look great and like it came from some expensive designer homeware store!

 Im quite pleased with that! And if it wasnt enough, I got on with my quilt for my mum as well. It was already sewn together but I needed to actually sew it to the fleece backing and stitch-ditch it!

 I had the tedious job of ironing out all the back seams to make the quilt lie smooth

 Then I laid it out on its fleece backing and pinned it. I could have done it properly but I wanted to get this job done and not scare myself off this project since its taken alot to get me going!

I love these japanese heart pins! They've been an awesome main-stay of my sewing basket so far!

The stitching went a dream to be honest, it been my first experience as such stitching with fleece and I needn't worry!

I do need to polish up on my ditch stitch but again, it wasn't too scary! Right now I'm edging my quilt and then its finished!

I cant wait to show you the finished products!

What are you making for christmas?

Birdie Love

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