Monday, 3 December 2012

sunday funday!

Yesterday i had the chance to catch up with some of my wonderful lovely deaf girlies and enjoyed lunch out, american style at a place called JD's Grill.  Their specialty is their burgers, where you can order them by the pounds!

 seriously?! those onion rings are the size of plates!
 my half pounder burger with wonderful fries!
 dearest abi!

 Caramalised onion and blue cheese burger!
 American diner style settings
 my awesome cola bottle sundae! only complaint is that it had too many sweets that froze and made chewing a chore!

 We visited the wonderful food fayre in william yard and enjoyed coffee and hanging out chatting and catching up!

The wonderful Panni took a picture of me with my penguin gloves given to me from the hubby!
everyone on FB seems to be loving this new profile picture of me, and all i can think of is "Is that what I look like when I pull a face?!"
Im hoping to soon in the near future work with Panni on a collaboration of photos as she always got such a wonderful way with cameras. I find that by exploring myself and my surroundings, I can feel a little more at peace and closer to understanding who I am. By seeing myself helps me embrace all that.

how was your sunday?

Birdie love

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