Thursday, 13 December 2012

DIY craft share

Christmas is almost here and if you are still stuck then why dont you take a look at these DIY kits?
Either you can make the gift yourself and gift it onwards or give someone a kit to learn a new skill themselves (which to me knowledge is priceless no?).

Make Your Own Robin Fattie Toy Kit - Sewing Kit
make your own robin

Why dont you make your own robin from this cute little kit? isn;t he so squishable? I think children would love this little character!
And if the robin isn't cute enough...

Make Your Own Rabbit Toy Craft Kit - Sewing Kit
Make your own Rabbit

Then how about this little bunny? Both from cupcakes for clara and both are super sweet!

Silver  Byzantine Weave Tutorial KIT Chainmaille Bracelet KIT
silver chainmail kit

If cute isn't your thing and you wish to learn a complete old-school skill then how about chainmail?
Its quite amazing you start with links and end up with this...
Silver  Byzantine Weave Tutorial KIT Chainmaille Bracelet KIT

I have done chain mail myself and although it can be time consuming, it is addictive and the end pieces just blow your mind!

Needle Felt Sheep Kit - DIY Craft Kit
needle felt a sheep

How awesome is this little sheep? Why don't you learn to needle felt him along with the mustache kit and the vegables kit? check out the shop for some awesome looking kits! I'm loving them!

and now for something completely random!

Scrimshaw tile craft kit 20% off for the holidays
scrimshaw kit
why not?! If you take a look at Rachael Calkins shops, you can see the pretty and amazing effects you can achieve by scrimshawing (the necklaces-look at them!)

Learn to Sew Quilting Kit by Moda Fabrics
learn to sew quilting kit
 This would make the perfect gift! Wonderfully put together into this lovely red tote, this makes the art of quilting looks so appealing and simple! Perfect!
And nicely selected moda fabric too!

Drop Spindle Kit, - Learn to Spin- 135g (4.8oz) roving, batt, fibre, a spindle and beginner instructions
drop spindle kit

Im loving Katie's shop and now avidly read her blog! I'm part of a spinning and knitters guild and slowly learning the various arts of spinning myself and the drop spindle is something I'm eyeing up in the new year to learn! No doubt My ladies in the craft guild would love this as much as i do and wonderfully, Katie sources her fibres from UK shores!

Viking Knit Mini Kit - with Illustrated Tutorial-Exclusively at Vanilla Bead
viking knit

Viking Knit Mini Kit - with Illustrated Tutorial-Exclusively at Vanilla BeadWith this kit above, you can make these beauties!
what is great to hear is how VanillaBead store, after many trying experiences with getting to grips with the kits out there, they decided to make their own, making sure their kit is easy to follow unlike their peers! 

This kit is on my christmas list and I'm really hoping someone will get it for me!

Linocut art supplies starter kit - tools, roller, ink, lino
Linocut kit

Lino cutting was somehting I learn in school and honed into something better for being able to print onto fabrics for my fashion collection. I miss Lino cutting an dits somehting I love to get back into especially since I'm re-finding my love for print work.
It looks to be a brilliant piece of kit lovingly put together for a wonderful experience so i'm very much hoping I will get it!

Fingers crossed!

What a brilliant collection of kits I think!
Is there any you like to try?

Birdie Love

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  1. Thats a great collection! Thanks for including me!


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