Monday, 3 December 2012

the month so far...

in the past several weeks...
 I have snuggled up under the duvet to read my collection of magazines!

Enjoyed home made chocolate brownies in individual ramekins...and loads of whipped cream on the side!

played in the snow (it was sadly fake!)

walked in a winter wonderland!

been on the road alot

admiring the locally made jams on show in a local exhibition, they looked like jewels in the window

had perhaps the best hot chocolate ever...the chocolate (dark, milk and white!) is poured around the side and you stir it into the hot milk! Its so good!

has finished christmas shopping early this year! I started early so now I can really get into the spirit and do some crafting!

spotted a rather awesome pug t-shirt and thought of my mini-me Jo!

added this little beauty to my christmas wish list....lets hope santa brings me it!

came home to these seasonal krispy kremes from the hubby!

and is on christmas count-down at work!

how your month been so far?

birdie love

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