Tuesday, 4 December 2012

weekend gone by...

I had a dream recently that I owned a pet baby t-rex that I called chompy....which I had to give up as it bit my mum!....for a dream, I was pretty gutted to lose my dream-pet!

Those moments in bed where we lie and enjoy the soft, warm cosy-ness of it all

the many flavoured mochi Darren bought over for friday night, we devoured most of them whilst watching "Big trouble in little China" with Kurt Russell, laughing over the many hilarious uses of a chracter's name called Wang....so adult-like hey? (!)

I finally broke out the Oreo jell-o mix i recently purchased and shown on this blog! It was alot yummier than it looks and I would use it again next time as some kind of pie-filler!

...yes, thanks darren...

 making big use of a small pack of notebooks recently bought from TK Maxx, Currently i'm carrying this one around with me and it gets pulled out every time I think of something, a to-do list, a question for a friend, or even a random thought. I'm so forgetful, I need to do it!

 Picked up a smll treat of American sweeties for Saturday night and man I really enjoyed those Chewy Runts!
 Curling up in a warm bed with my two favourite magazines!

Having this little bunny fella lying next to me on the sofa, getting randomly stroked and covered in a warm blanket...that bunny is pampered I tell you!

Birdie Love


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