Sunday, 2 December 2012

Baci Baci Baci!

i grew up and worked my first ever job as a check-out girl where once I came across a wonderful box o chocolates reduced. The Italian choccies were in a sumptious red box and gold writing across the front and looked amazingly dreamy!
I bought it and the rest was history so they say!
Baci since stopped being sold here in the UK and now is an expensive imported chocolate that I very rarely get to see around.
so to pick some up is a very rare treat!

 the great thing about Baci is that like a fortune cookie, each one comes with its very own fortune!

 i love these! i love sitting in a quiet corner and unwrapping one of these babies and seeing what words of wisdom come my way! after the fortune, you get left with an awesome chocolate! nom!

Birdie Love

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