Thursday, 27 December 2012

christmas gone by...

So here it is, merry christmas people! Hope you all had a good time as I certainly did as the pictures show!
baked crimbo goodies at work!

I fell in love with these diamond cat ears and wore these throughout the holidays!

...wrapped so many presents that I officially hate it!

but there's nothing better than unwrapping the buggers!

we celebrated all together, friends large and small!

and I baked my butt off making mince pies, pannettone and chocolates for everyone!

tis the season for lots of cheese y'know?

my new love of my life is my bunny slippers!

cocktails before midnight mass on christmas eve followed by hot chocolate in my new guinea-pig mug!

nothing beats that feeling of opening presents from your stocking christmas morning!

the carnage of unwrapping!

christmas dinner with the family!

lego chickens...

and rolling over in bed to find yourself face to face with a alien chest burster...!

basically the only time of the year where you can scoff yourself senseless!
How was your holidays?

Birdie love

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