Tuesday, 4 December 2012

american day

Recently on a week off, I had time to spend a day or two with my hubby and friends and catch up, generally having a good time and a welcomed break from all the hospitals/work/dull times.

 bowling is super expensive and i struggle to understand why that is! But i luckily managed to secure a good enough deal for three of us for three games for £6 each which wasnt bad! Besides it was a rare treat and a much needed one...but why so expensive i still say?!

 The pain-staking routine of carefully selecting balls, weighing andtesting them in our hands then making our final selections....we take this seriously at time!
 I don't bowl as hubby and Darren has discovered! I throw the ball as hard as I can down the alley and it wont suprise me one day if my ball bounces and ends up in someone else's game! or worse...fly upwards so high that it brings down ceiling tiles!....whatever happens first!
 Darren told us of a Man vs Food challenge that recently came to town and as Adam Richman fans of the show, we made a trip to the studentville of the city, wnating to partake in it...the challenge as shown below is to eat a 4-foot chilli dog!

Darren's arrived first...he ordered the 2-foot one which has left me and hubby slightly weary....!

 Then the four footer came out....it was so big, they had to split it over two plates!
 I added some extra ketchup with the theory the sauce will act as extra lubricant to help it go down well....much as it helped, my stomach wasnt thankful!
We failed in our challenge as Hubby demonstrates above! But left feeling very full and content after a nice day of messing around and chillaxing!

...though it will be some time before I can look another hotdog in the eye again!

Have you done a man vs food challenge?

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