Monday, 17 December 2012

soup and mother's talk

I had therapy on thursday and had a nice suprise when I left to find my muma waiting for me outside in the cold. there's nothing like seeing a smile from her after a reasonably rough session and it perked me up.
We went for a coffee at a french cafe around the corner and decided to treat ourselves to a small dish. Her was breaded camembert and mine was for the first time, french onion soup which was something i wanted to try and never got a chance to.

Theres nothing like having a talk with your mum, just catching up and seeing how each other are. The fact that I'm still around this time of year to celebrate christmas meant alot. I really did, back in february didn't plan to be alive beyond the summer. I was feeling that bad and my loved ones really didn't think I'd make it.
But here I am i guess, that gotta count for something and christmas means something different for me, what?
I'm not sure but the possibilities are endless...I mean...I actually have a life!
It was great to hear a nice bit of news for my mum instead, she starts a new job in the new year!
After over a year she taken off to look after me, the time and everything is right now for her to step away a little to let me get better on my own two feet.
I'm so glad my mum is getting her chance to shine again, after everything this family gone through.
I'm so very glad.
thank you so much muma
Love you always.

Birdie Love

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