Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What I been listening too...

Every once a week or so, I sit at my laptop, pull on my big ass ear phones and just listen to music for a few hours whilst I browse the internet or update my blog. Having been asked what I listen to, I thought I share with you what I have had playing on youtube in the last week or so!

Linkin Park - Castle of Glass
just discovered this, it was the theme for medal of honor and i actually like this song...its different for the band but it still retains their distinctive sound

Crowded house - Dont dream its over
the chorus of this song was something i been singing for years without knowing what the song was or indeed, quite what the lyrics are! sweetly retro but catchy!

Erasure - O L'amour
I cannot get this really cheesy song out of my head at all!
I remember dancing to this song in my bedroom....yeah, i was cool as a kid, can't you tell?!

Faithless - Bombs
This song is my favourite song of all time...I go to it when I'm sad, low, depressed and I go to it when I'm cheery, happy and reflective...its a song that just is for me.
The lyrics just weave a story of hope and pain, war and joy and the extremes we human make of our lives.
And it reminds me it's ok, the human race have been making mistakes far longer than I have!

What do you recommend?

Birdie Love

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