Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Allsorts shirt

Several weeks ago, my father in law called upon me to put to use my long neglected seamstress and pattern cutting skills to use and to make him a shirt for his upcoming holiday away with friends...
...the only catch was, he wanted one that was as garish as possible!

...he has strange tastes like that...after all this is the man who is happy with wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt with clashingly bright yellow sponge bob shorts, neon socks and sandals....yeah...!

Originally I wanted to make him a goth-tastic black printed shirt adorned with cartoon skulls and roses but the hubby decided his father would look far more...ehem...fetching in the below allsorts fabric....

 Cute isnt it?
 maybe not fitting for a man's shirt....
 I bought a Simplicity pattern in a standard men's business shirt as they sold out of all the other patterns (doh!) but this didnt put me off, I knew it would put to use my old pattern designing skills.
I simply altered the pattern to the look I wanted (loose fitting Hawaii five-O style I was thinking!) and began assembling it all...

It came together really nicely and quickly and I was so happy to see my skills come back to me and my confidence shot up, especially when I only had to unpick the collar once! I even for the first time managed to use the buttonhole foot for my machine and it came together beautifully!
I added the quirky touch of having different shapes, colours and sized buttons which worked well with the allsorted sweets print!

What you think?! Garish isnt it?!
Think he's happy?!

I'm so proud of how my altered pattern came together so well and the long forgotten seamstress years bygone came back to me and my hands were before long, pinning, tucking and pressing and where things were not looking right, I called upon my experiences to baste stitch, hem and tuck until all was right!

I now want to sew more clothes!

Think I can get away with making more shirts like these and selling them on Etsy?!

Have you made clothes? What have you made?

Birdie Love


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    1. aww thanks chick! Make it all worth the while to here that! Im just pleased I can sew again!

  2. This looks great! I'm making a skirt at the moment with some gorgeous Cath Kidston style fabric I picked up really cheap in a great new fabric shop in Windsor. Am still learning, did a sewing course a while ago and made a skirt and a bag, but struggle when I'm own my own looking at patterns! I do love bright prints like these though, that's the beauty of making your own unique clothes! :-)

    1. awesome! you have to show everyone when you've finish! I'm about to start on a skirt pattern...hopefully it will look half decent when i'm done!
      its strangely addictive making clothes! i cant wait to see what you make!


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