Tuesday, 9 April 2013

StreetStitchAndStuff competition time!

Competition time from featured craftser StreetStitchAndStuff!
You could win....

Photo: Competition Time!
This comp will run from 9am Tuesday 9th April 2013. (UK time)
Till 5pm Sunday 14th April 2013. (UK time)
Winner will be drawn from a hat sometime after comp is over.

All you have to do is:
Like StreetStitchAndStuff.
Share this picture.
And Comment to tell me you have done so!

And now for the prize! You could win these adoreable Avengers badges! Possibly the cutest badges I have ever made! (I wish I could win them for myself! Haha!)

(P.S. - If, heaven forbid, you don't win these fab badges but still want a set, you can order them through this Facebook page or Etsy messages for £8.) :)

Click on the link here to enter so you can win these very awesome and very cute buttons!
Check out the shop too for more new releases like the start trek badges!

Good luck!

Birdie Love


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