Sunday, 21 April 2013

Quiet and Slow

The sunshine is starting to come out at long last here In Plymouth! Finally!
The windows and back door been thrown open to let the wonderful fresh air and sunshine come through this house and signal the change in season is finally underway!
Padding around the house bare footed, feeling the weak sun warming sluggish the floor beneath me is a nice feeling already, especially this week where its been a quiet one.
Tuesday was spent undergoing the dreaded, final test for a while at hospital. It was the vertigo test and something i been not looking forward to for months...they pretty much did save the worst till last!
I had some quiet days at home, spring cleaning and doing basic chores but also I managed to get out to my favourite spot for a bit of lunch and reading my latest favourite magazines (The simple things and Mollie Makes )

Really been getting back on track with my reading...since the accident and the blow to the head, it has made looking at writing and printed pages difficult and my attention span was extremely short for a long while which depressed me as I love reading and can get through a decent sized book in one day if I could!

Just been nice to do a few small projects here and there, some baking (luxurious bread and butter pudding made with Baileys and Fruitonne very lush!) and currently I have just finished sewing a shirt for my father in law for his holiday. He wanted tacky and an I used this allsorts sweeties fabric!
(the man has strange tastes no?!)
Its the first proper article of clothing I sewn in a long time, using and altering patterns and drawing and cutting as I go to get the final garment  I wanted and all the years pattern cutting, designing, working on machines, and being a seamstress just came back to me and it seemed my hands took over. The dreaded shirt collar and sleeves went in far easier than I expected it to and slowly my confidence in myself is coming back...
I think I will be pulling fabrics and getting patterns drawn up soon for more clothes...the bug has bitten!

I shall show more of the shirt tomorrow when the client picks it up and tries it...its so garish and loud, you will smile for sure!

What your week been like this week?

Birdie Love


  1. I always buy Mollie makes then realize I have none of the skills needed to make the things. Hahaha. It's great for inspiration though. :)

    1. ditto!...but keep it quiet, I'm trying to come across and wonderfully crafty and makes things every day...when the truth is more a case of flipping through the magazine, making mental notes of projects that never get done then promptly forgetting them when the latest ghost adventures or cartoons comes on tv...!


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