Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Walk on by

There's nothing like a local walk by the River Plym towards Saltram beach, a little place where only those in the know go and enjoy! 
The weather is slowly getting warmer, the wonderful thing about living by the sea is even inland, you can smell the briny deep of the ocean, that salt tang that makes you think of those halogen days yet to come.

Sitting in the sand and feeling its sun baked warmth is so delicious. You can walk the beach and pick up fresh live clams that snap loudly shut when you pick them up and squirt water at you if you tease them!

thrifting in a local charity shop with a huge room full of books, when I came across...

...this awesome book!
Hands up who remember the Sweet Valley books?! I seen this around but was not prepared to pay the extortionate prices but I picked it up from the shop for 50p! Happy days! Such a really nice blast from the past! I miss those long days reading innocent children's and teen books like Sweet Valley, The Babysitter's Club and Goosebumps...I think I want to start collecting a few of them for old times sake since they made up so much of my childhood!

Sitting back with a good book, nothing can beat fresh scones with clotted cream and lemon curd (we ran out of jam!...it's still so very nice and British though!)

And an early sunday brunch of my beloved eggs benedicts....heaven! Think thats going to be a semi-regular thing especially this summer!

How your week going?

Birdie Love

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