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craft share - april showers

It seems spring is having a fight with winter at the moment and its only just a fraction, stated warming up...but as soon as it did, the rain have now set in...typical british weather!
Apparently this been the coldest spring in 60 or so years...and it bloody well feels like it!

So to "celebrate" the seemingly eternal gloomy weather and the absence of sunshine and spring, I present to you a watery celebrations of April and it's notorious showers, here in Britain....

..yay! *pulls on wellies and a coat*

Hand-Embroidered Pillow Cover - April Showers - Accent Pillow Cushion
hand embroidered pillow cover

Being an Oregonian there is a true love / hate relationship with the rain. During years where it seems endless, I dream of moving to the desert; but give any Oregonian a little while without the rain, and I know they love it when they see that sweet drizzle return - whether they want to admit it or not. Rain is essential to life so we should actually all be quite happy when rains!

...Wish I could say the same for us Brits...!
I actually like this embroidery a lot, simple but sweet and colourful and oh so very cheery! You can't feel glum when you see this!

Captured RAINDROPS NECKLACE  Art Glass Charm Necklace Blue Beads Spring  April Showers
captured raindrops

It really does look like captured raindrops doesnt it? I really like this piece, it got a wonderful depth and tactility to it that makes you want to turn this piece over and over in your hand and rattle it to watch the beads inside move.
I love seeing things in groups so a cluster of beads like this just adds impact for me!

April Baby Birth Month Shirt New Baby Gift April Showers Spring Baby Onesie
april baby

My wonderful godson who just turn one this monday is an April baby! so this is a nice little homage to him and to all the other April babies I know! I think being an April baby is the best, its a great time of year to have a birthday!

RAINBOW & silver cloud- Little girls dress-grey corduroy age 6M to 6T-Wild Things Dresses

Its not often I see children's wears and get a little green with envy...but this one certainly did! I love this and would wear it as a pinafore dress like it is shown!
I love that little silver cloud and the rainbow! This dress could certainly would brighten up any day wouldn't it?

Hand Embroidery Hoops - April Showers Bring May Flowers (Set of 2)
embroidery hoops

April showers bring May's flowers....didn't you know?
And what way best t show that than these two simply sweet, hand sewn designs that you can hang up to remember that every flower in life needs a little rain to grow!

Funny Cross Stitch Pattern: April Showers
cross stitch pattern

Ah! This is more like it!
How so very true too! Have you seen the mud around here these days?!

The flowers are only part of the story! Why should they get all the attention just because they're pretty? Rise up against the oppression, my mud minions!

Too right Kitty!
If you like cross stitch then its worth a gander at Kitty's shop for some more funny patterns...loving the Fry one!

April Showers Quilted Wall Hanging
wall hanging

What an amazing quilted wall hanging! Its so wonderfully put together, all those colours, the designs right down to the swirly embroided background!
I love the little bright yellow weelies full of flowers, what a nice touch!
As someone who tries and makes quilts from time to time, they can be hard to assemble and put together but when it all clicks the final result is always amazing, just like this!

What a round up of craftsters no? I'm sure you can't feel glum about a rainy day afte seeing these!

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  1. Super cute finds. Thank you for including my necklace.


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