Wednesday, 10 April 2013

of late...

...I enjoyed the early morning sunrise on the cobbled streets near my home...its spring but it is so very cold!

...was on the picket line, peacefully protesting for a brighter future for all!

...enjoyed coffee with a friend...just to have more friends turn up for a good old chinwag!

...walked home on the first sunny day of the year so far...did i mention its so cold?!

...put bets on and lost on the Grand National.... the latest Catwoman...she and Batman is back! yay!

...made toffee cupcakes topped with sticky salted caramel...delish!...

...wore these awesome pants for the first time! My superhero pants!...

...been sent a teasing picture from a craftster afeter featuring her work in a post...apparently its Totoro related! Cant wait...!

how are you?

Birdie love


  1. The newest catwoman is so rad! I'm so glad you like her to. And those little pants are adorable. Where did you get them?

    1. Totally loving the catlady!
      The pants are bought from Topshop...which I believe you can buy online and I think they are now opeing a chain of them in america now so you too can enjoy our quirky british fashion! x


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