Thursday, 11 April 2013

Burger ahoy!

Have you ever made a purchase which is shortly followed by another purchase several weeks apart, from two different places and its not until they happen to lying next to each other you realise...."wow" i completely accessorised them to each other without realising it?!"

In the new years sale, I bought off line from Amazon this across the body Burger bag from Eastpak. I already have a sushi printed fabric satchel from them that I love to death and wear everywhere. Lovely and roomy, with decent pockets and very comfy straps, i knew this little burger bag would become a much loved item too! its eye-catching, no?!

Several weeks later, I bought this burger purse from Urban Outfitters. I immediately loved the colours, unusual design and the room design with magnectic snap fastening!

 It even opens out to reveal the innards of a proper burger...pickles and all! (yum!)

I think they are a match made in heaven! Picture this, there I am in a shop paying for something (a book, a coffee, who knows?!) and I reach into my burger bag and pull out my burger purse to pay...I imagine I would look quite good!

A sort of russian doll-like vision of a burger-inside-of-an-even-larger-burger!

Does your purse matches your bag? Even in a strange sorta way?
I apologise for such a quirky post but damn, i'm still so impressed with myself for unintentionally matching my accessories! (sad i know!)

Birdie love!


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  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I want them both. So detailed and cute.


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