Saturday, 13 April 2013

back street art (slypanda)

Walking home from work one day and taking a short cut down an old lane which was sandwiched between a junk yard and a used car lot...I came across these random printed art work pasted to the wall in a row down the lane, like an impromptu art gallery.

The woman in the picture on the left isnt doing anything dodgy! she seems to be drinking something from a pouch!

 I like this one, quite and beautiful with how the light plays and making the whole piece reflective

Random, unexpected and different to the usual spray painted art work that dots the city, I like how the individual thought outside th box in showing their art to the world, one passer-by at a time.

I even found the website here though not too sure what it is all about, there are a nice variety of photo shots!

What do you think?

Is there artwork in your area like this?

Birdie Love

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