Thursday, 25 April 2013

Foodage and squirrels and Lettuce tacos...oh my!

 I've come up with a wonderful little recipe for lettuce tacos...for moments when you got a little left over beef mince (or any mince even quorn mince!) and got two people to feed for simply cook up the mince with a bit of oil, some garlic, Cinnamon (it really works), a stock cube, some tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce and chilli powder to flavour until you're happy with the heat.

Use little gems lettuce or any lettuce that hold the food in the middle like a small cup, fill it with the meat, then top with cheese and some tomato and onion "salsa"....delish!

A simple and quick snack or dinne option! Make sure you taste the meat as you go so you can flavour it right to your tastes!

Been on a cupcake run last night, dropping off a freshly made cupcake for my friend who is to be my new neighbour...thought she could benefit from a sugar rush as she gets her new place ready!

 Walking past some trees today when someone pointed out to me a wee little critter sitting high above, looking down with his cute furry face....a little grey squirrel, watching as I madly took pictures....he was so high up that my phone camera barely gets him in the shot!
Trust me, he was fluffy and cute!

Don't I look right classy?! Modelling my Liberty's of London shower cap with a limited edition Hello Kitty print on it...was given a stash of Hello Kitty shower goodies over christmas! This showercap is ideal for keeping my hair dry and my hearing aid too! Win!

How your week going? Is it getting warmer where you are?

Birdie Love

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