Saturday, 6 April 2013

Baking Sundays

Sunday is usually the one day of the week where I take my time and bake. Be it a roast dinner, bread or cakes for the week ahead, I take advantage of having a slow day to cook and enjoy the whole process from start to the end!

Of late, I've been getting into baking bread. Its the one baking art I'm still mastering and the one thing I struggle with it is patience! Without it, the bread won't rise, it won't cook right and you are left with a harden lump of dough you can barely cut let alone eat!
Patience is something I am learning and its through baking I'm gaining this lesson! In this world of fast food and high demands, we are craving the tastier, home made, slow foods....and that in itself isn't instantaneous no matter how hard you try to speed it up!

Getting your hands on fresh products is a satisfaction you can't beat, and it really helps putting you in direct
 contact with what you are creating!

The senses are stimulated and comes alive and you become more alert, enjoying the moment...from feeling the dough being pounded beneath your fingers, to smelling the basil as you cut it....

Here I was making a cheese and basil pinwheel loaf and my own recipe of sandwich bread which is bread with the sandwich filling already in it...a popular thing amongst friends already!

Having a nice bright day to bake on really helps too!

 freshly baked bagel with home made danish blue cheese spread....simple but so very nice!

This piece of roast I picked up the night before for 89 pence just as the store was closing! Awesome!
I got it home, trimmed it up and applied a homemade rub of garlic, honey and spices and literally left it to slowly cook in the oven at the lowest temperature I can go for a minimum of 12 hours...!
The end result it beef so tender it really did melt in the mouth with wonderful sweet tang of the rub to flabvour it!

What days of the week do you find yourself cooking the most?  Do you enjoy it?

Birdie Love

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