Monday, 15 April 2013


Today I became a Godmother to a special little dude in my life, my daring Henry
Family and friends came near and afar to celebrate the Henry's first year of being alive on this world, his first trip around the sun!
And the celebration was mad even more special by the addition of his christening!

Bought Henry loads of presents! I got him a massive silver number one balloon with a smaller blue christening one...he carried them with him everywhere! If you couldnt find him at first glance...just look for the balloons bobbing around the room!

 Sucha beautiful church and an amazing service

I love the cake and the favourite was the snake!

wore blue for Henry today with pink cheesecake look!

I'm so honoured to be Henry's godmother, he already possesses traits of his wonderful mother who practically saved my life and sanity on more than enough occasions!
I'm so proud to be apart of his family and his life and can't wait to watching him grow up!
Happy birthday Henry!

Love you lots!

Birdie love


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