Monday, 22 April 2013

Craft share - Carousel

I recently on a day out came across a small carousel set in a wonderful little garden somewhere in Bristol. Even in the day light, the bright fair ground lights were ablaze, the colours popping and the jaunty organ playing its cheery tune...which has inspired this craft share today!

Carousel Horse Wooden Necklace Pendant
wooden horse pendant
Gossimar Wings has some very nice wooden pendants in the shop which is worth a look around, including this wonderful horse, which captures the tone of the bygone days of the fun fairs. Love the gold detailing too!

Life Size Anatomy Carousel Pony
life size anatomy pony
 If you could blow the the budget on a wonderful piece to love and adore, this would be right up there!

"One side is a beautiful zebra and the other is taking a look at the inside of the zebra and all its muscles"

How so very beautifully macabre and stunning is this? It all looks so sumptuous and the whole idea of having and seeing two halves of the same animal is so well pulled together here.

Dear Stella Carousel Knot Dress:  Made to Order, Size 6-12m or 12-18m
What wonderful fabric!

" It's the perfect "Grow with Me" Dress! Once it's too short for a dress, throw some leggings under it and wear it as a top."

Nice idea! Love the design and the knots which allows you to adjust the dress, and really well chosen fabrics too. one of the nicer dresses for young girls out there Ive seen.

Original Paper cut carousel personalised

As regular readers know, I know papercuts so as soon as I saw this, I knew it had to be featured!
Although not as incredibly details as some of the papercuts out there, this has more of an impact and is stunningly sweet!
The nicest touch of all is having it personalised!

Carousel Pillow Cover Carnival Pillow Teal Home Decor Decorative Pillow - 16 x 16 Pillow

For me, the best thing about the carousel is the lights! How they draw people from afar, especially on a dark night and always seems to brighten the soul just a little.
I love this cushion for capturing the nostalgia, the twinkly hazy of the lights as they waltz and spin beautiful and warmly couldn't be sad with this cushion on your sofa!

Sweet Whipped Cream Carousel Headband
Oh my! How super kawaii is this this?! This is so sweet it hurts!
So perfect for a cute little burlesque routine...or maybe a girlie night out or a fact who needs an excuse to wear it?!

Runaway Horse. 7x9" Print of an Original Collage.
collage print

 I do very much like this collage print and the various media and colours used which makes it stands out in a wonderfully charming way! There's something so very 19th century advertisment about this piece

what an exciting and colourful collect hey?
A great bunch of craftsters with their amazing pieces and its always so nice to see what they do!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our Dress! I love all the magical Carousel items you found! Now, I feel like going to the fair!


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