Wednesday, 3 April 2013

early days of spring

A masssssssive chocolate bunny for my hubby which he had to find in Bruce's cage...who wasn't impressed!

The smashing of the giant 1KG family easter egg! actually did the hammer more damage than the egg!
The egg was so big, my brother could wear it on his head...and thus putting us off chocolate for the rest of the day...

first day back at work and chocolate bar was waiting for me from a friend! Awesome!

Daffodils out in the park, squirrels playing....what a lovely walk!
Hey! Hope you all had a great easter, stuffing yourself silly with chocolates and spending it with your loved ones!
My family this year gathered at my brother's place who lives a few cities away so we don't get to see him as often as we like. It was a great day with family, especially when I presented to everyone the giant easter egg! That thing lasted us for hours and gave us so much fun messing with it! Until my brother put it on his head to demonstrate how large it kinda put us all off....dandruff chocolate anyone?!

Right now, our home is a mess...literally everything been pulled out so we can start tidying and going through all our corner of the spare room alone yielded 4 large bin bags o f crap...and that was just my hubby's stuff...I'm now going though my bits! It's amazing the amount of things we accumulate no?! Trouble is, the mess is making me feel all itchy, like I can't relax or switch off until its tidied....and I don't know where to start! Argh!

The great thing about tidying is the small bits of textiles I had lurking around without realising's like rediscovering things all over again!

 We literally spent the whole day this week just going through bags and bags of stuff until so late in the evening that we wandered down to Chiquitos, a local Mexican resturant. Nice mexican food that hits the spot, it's not the best but when you have a craving for a coke float or some will do!

The city is still so cold, even with the weak sun out, shining some light back into our lives, finally! Its slowly....really slowly getting warmer again, and the evenings are getting longer. I cant wait for long summer days, wearing skirts and feeling all warm again!

How is everyone?

Birdie love

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