Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Craft share - Totoro!

As I have recently seen Tororo for the first time ever, despite the many years of watching amine and collecting manga, I though I do a craft share in honour of such a wondrous moment!

Totoro bed
Click on the link below to make this wonderfully cute bed set for your bed of Totoro!
I love this! This could inspire a simple quilt and pillow set for someone I know who loves Tororo!

How to make a totoro bed!

I'm not too sure where this is from, online but isn't this amazingly sweet and snuggly?! I want!

I now bring to you something super cute!....

Crochet Totoro Hat (Newborn) Made To Order
baby totoro hat

Nawwwwww! How sweet is that? As I seem to be surrounded by babies everywhere at the moment, I think they could all do with one of these! Especially since it is so cold in the UK right now too! I love that Totoro grin!

Totoro Hoodie

I keep staring at this, how awesome is this hoodie?!
I know some friends who would hug me non-stop if I wore this out and about...and perhaps a few strangers too.... really sweet and very coolly put together! I salute you!

Giant Totoro (save the forest)
Giant Tororo!

Sadly DoshieDoshie is making her last giant Totoro due to lack of time, really do click on the link and read what you do get with this giant Totoro...its oretty cool and excellently put together!
(the shipping box filled with soot gremlins!)
Sad as I may be to see the end of what looks to be an amazing crafted item, complete respect to Doshie! When crafting intrudes on your general life to such an extent, then it's only fair to cut back and have that valuable "me time!"
Whoever gets this last Totoro is really in for a treat! And the last sweet thing?
10%  of the proceeds go to Save Totoro forest project!
Totoro Forest Project

Totoro Hand Painted Customised Shoes - Trainers - Studio Ghibli
Hand painted Totoro trainers

Such a simple, sweet and colourful design that made me smile and is so cheery! I can already see these on my feet over summer! Trouble is, I be looking down so much at the wonder of these that I be walking into things....
I love them!
Beautifully painted and such a lovely personal design too, something of a nice Totoro piece and at a reasonable price too!

My Neighbour Totoro Soot Sprite Earrings
Totoro soot sprite earrings

My favourite characters created by Studio ghibli are the soot sprites! You see them in My neighbour Totoro but also Spirited Away too...I just love the randomness of them and they seem to be forgotten a lot when it comes to merchadise and products out there...so to see these earrings (there's a necklace too!) really gladden my heart!
Yay for the soot sprites! And these earring captures them so perfectly! Adore them!

Totoro 2-Inch Button (Catbus Express-Service with a Grin)
Catbus Badge

Perhaps the more scarier of the characters in the film is Catbus....the name says exactly what it is!
There's something about that face, those headlight eyes and that grin....that scary, evil grin that makes even the adults reach for the controls and turn the film off (I actually did that!)
But despite his looks, Catbus is actually the good guy in the film and helps saves the day so that can't be bad in my books!
But this badge is a nice homage to Catbus and that ever-menacing smile that never falters...*shivers*

Chibi Totoro Necklace: CHIBI TOTORO White Laser Cut Acrylic Necklace
Totoro necklace

My actual favourite Totoro in the film (there is three of them!) is this tiny little white guy who we see first!
I just adore him, especially when he walks, he seems to have tiny pink feet that makes me think of a guinea pig! As much as I love the King of the forest, I love this dude more!
And this necklace is just.....I want it! *jabs screen excitedly whilst showing husband*
I want him in all his little white glory! (and his tiny guinea-pig feet!)

Totoro is a very popular craft medium and there is no shortage of ideas, crafted goods and products out there! I myself have three totoro handmade gifts given to me that I think I will post up in a seperate posting in the near future as they are so wonderful and sweet and deserve a shout out to the world!
I can see myself revisiting Totoro again in future as being source of another craft share inspiration!

Please feel free to share with me your favourite Totoro goodies out there - I love to see them!

Birdie Love!


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