Tuesday, 3 July 2012

zoo, zoo, zoo, we're going to the zoo...!

Some recent snaps of a trip to the zoo

Firstly, some fish with no eyes....yes! I know! (what you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh!)


I just want to sit on one of these lilly pads and pretend I'm kermit for the day!

"Ok, go ahead, take my picture but make it snappy!" ...i swear I'm killing myself with these puns today...

This guy bent right down to say hi to me!

This is a mossy frog. My favourite animal of the day, you go up to this empty looking tank and see the plaque saying "mossy frog" and spend ages looking for a frog...or some moss....but wait! It's both! Right in front of me all this time!

I think this Giant tortoise couldn't work out how to reverse out of where he parked up last night to rest...

Another frog! Can't you tell they are my favourite animals?

A happy, smiling froggy!...who actually rolled his eyes as i took this snap as you can just see....


I love zoos and always wanted to be a zoo keeper as a child. As as animals should be in the wild, where there isnt a place left in this world that can support them no longer, zoos should step in to preserve what they can and educate the public. Suprisingly a lot of zoos breed and rear animals to release back into wild as well as curate the ones under their care. I'm always torn about animals kept in captivity but all i saw was happy, healthy animals in nice, stimulating environments....which can only be a good thing no?

Hope you guys are having a great day!

Birdie love. xxx

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