Sunday, 29 July 2012

this week in pictures...part 1

I scored myself a treat on thursday after a really emotional, heavy going day at my work. I only had to go in to take part in a meeting as part of my "keeping in touch." i was seriously shaking and crying and was so mortified by how emotional just being in my work building after pretty much all of this year away from there. I was returning to a place where it's been the scene of immense hurt and I was just fighting my basic instinct to flee! It was hard going but i appreciated the support of some of the people there that day that got me through it. I dont think people realised how ill i was/am...meh! Yo sushi was nice, the manager knows me from around and gave me a booth and chatted to me for a bit and checked on me which i appreciated. It was nice to take time out by myself and enjoying some cheap yummy food that i love!

 Road trip for the day with the girls...and one Clarks Village all the way out in between Bridgewater and Glastonbury. I was still pretty exhausted after thursday and severely dehydrated to the point you could see it around my eyes...yuck! I scored a hoard of footwear (walking boots, trainers etc) for £20, perfumed oils from bodyshop, trousers and jeans from fav being a pair of light demin chinos for £4! Little skirts for hot british summer days from Gap were a bargin with an additional 30% off at the tills resulting in me walking away with bargins for under £4!
 Lunch was ade for me including this sickly ice-cream cupcake...sweet by even my standards!
 And the resulting trip home...the boot was crammed full and the back of the car was pretty full too! My friend even scored all her christmas presents already...mad woman!
 Permit me to introduce you to Voddy or Vodka the cat! a lovely regal little fella belonging to a friend who I visited last night for a birthday gathering...lovely puss-puss!
 Awwww yeah! I got awesome readers and since I raised this blog once again from the ground up in late May...this is awesome going! Thank you readers of the world!

Now i'm off to the in-laws for sunday roast....nom nom nom!

hope you have a great sunday!

Birdie Love


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