Monday, 30 July 2012


I now have  scar on my left arm, a few centimeters above my wrist on the side of my arm..

I had thought at the time of the injury it would fade away but now I'm left with a scar and not that I mind...scars tell a story and here's mine for this scar.

It was mothers day this year back in march and i decided for both my mum and my nan to give them something home baked.
So I made profiteroles from scratch. Made the choux pastry from scratch and despite people saying its a hard thing to do and lots of mistakes can be made, I have messed up so far in the two times of making it! (touch wood the luck stays for that!)

And as I was reaching into the oven, I burnt myself. I could either drop the tray of freshly baked choux pastry and render the project pointless as it all falls to he floor or hold it safely until the tray was secure...which I did.

boy did it hurt and stung! And when I gave everyone their cakey goodness, i could literally say I scarred myself for my mum!

The end result was however...very nice indeed, all hand filled with cream and topped with home made choccy sauce!

I see this scar now and it reminds me of my mum. That it affirms that i am the kinda person who puts the people i care about before me and do it willingly. I would do anything to show my love for someone even if it does scars me and I guess I proudly wear my scars as it shows my story and shows i am alive and prepared to put myself out there to experience and take in all of what life offers. it looks kinda cool no? (!)

What does your scars say about you?

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