Friday, 13 July 2012

Water ghosts

I love this picture, taken of a seal swimming up to the under-water viewing deck. I waited for ages posed with my camera to get a shot and the water was so murky, the over-cast weather didnt help. I waited for so long I was the only one left in front of these screens, thinking maybe I should give up and move on to find my mum when out of the gloomy water, like silvery streak of a phantom came this seal, lazily slicing through the water, nimbly turning and looking through the glass to see me then diving down to the floor and swimming under the glass floor...

It looked like a water ghost, dancing in the gloomy, dimly light water, eerie and elegantly sleek in its speed and movement. It almost has a wraith-like appearance no?

Something about the water makes this all seem so dream-like and drowsy, looking back on these shots has the same effect a cold, drizzly sunday morning has, where you want to snuggle and wrap yourself in the moment.
So haunting.


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