Tuesday, 24 July 2012

vintage browsing

I recently went on another trip to Ashburton, purely to get me out the house and visit the wonderful shops there. most of these pictures were taken of a beautiful vintage shop that is also part tea shop and held some of the prettiest things there you could find of which I took pictures. This'll hopefully give you a clue of the wonderful goodies there was on show and all at reasonable prices too!

Whilst browsing, outside came the noise of a marching band and from the window I caught sight of these weirdly and wonderfully dressed people in medieval costume!

What are they doing?
Where are they going?
Well I later found out and it makes for a veeeeery interesting blog post for later date, where you get to see an old and ancient british custom I and others know very little about that Ashburton is the only town that still practises it today!

I'm hoping to keep posting, I will admit I'm finding it very hard to do so at the moment as my depression is so bad and morale is low. I'm just taking things slowly and doing what i can so bear with me.

Birdie love.

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