Tuesday, 31 July 2012


I have a serious love for steampunk!
Victoriania and edwardiana inspirations colliding with futuristic aspirations is what i would loosely describe it as! But I would google it if you want a more accurate description!

here I thought i share some wares I have stumbled across in a recent steampunky internet session so i could get my fix!

Steampunk Sniper Rifle Nerf Gun LONGSTRIKE with Scope
 whoa....a steampunked nerf gun kitted out to look like a sniper rifle....now why didn't I have this s a kid in my shot 'em up games with my brother?!

Dice (1 Die) - 3D printed, Steampunk Style, Bronze Finish
 Coming from a gaming family, I totally appreciate these dice! How wonderful if you're doing a perfectly suited role playing game! I can think of quite a few games these dice would be perfect for! Steampunk for me is the details...no matter how small...even if it is a dice!

Steampunk Merlot Velvet Gunne Sax Victorian 1970s Jacket / Maroon / Vintage Lace / Jacket / Coat / Blazer / Edwardian / 1222

I love that this is an original piece and i desire this in my wardrobe very much!

Clockwork Bird Long-tailed Tit - 8x10 inch Print - steampunk illustration

 Can't resist this little steam punk birdie now can i?! I love the muted colours of this piece

Taffeta Bustle Skirt with Vintage Button Detail

How pretty is this skirt? Meow! I love the button detailing on the side! I would so work this look baby yeah!

Brown Leather Pith Helmet

A steampunked explorer! I adore that hat! How many of you want to dress up as this for halloween or a convention!

Leather Steampunk Tophat - burning man cosplay reenactment costume, Ready to Ship

And another hat! see a theme here? ;) This one really does take your breath away doesn't it? How wonderfully bizarre, quirky and mad!

I do love crafters interpretations of steampunk! the stuff you end up seeing is highly desirable, an odd-ball collections of goodies you find yourself lusting after!

What is your thoughts on steampunk?

Birdie Love as always!



  1. Hi Hannah!
    Cool blog. :) Thank you for including my steampunk hat in your steampunk list. Very sweet!

  2. This post is the one that caught my eye, but nice blog overall as well. Very enjoyable!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it! :)

  3. Thank you for featuring my bustle skirt and waistcoat. I have shared your blog on my facebook page so you can keep up to date with all the other things I'm making.


    1. Thank you so much, I am now following you on facebook and look forward to seeing what else you do in all that is steampunky! :)

  4. It is great to have our dice featured on you blog with so many other talented artists. Thank you.

    1. I just love, love, love your dice! I'm now looking for an excuse to buy them! Thank you for being one of those talented artist!


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