Monday, 30 July 2012


Ever had one of those purchases that left you giddy and wanting to squeal it out to the whole world? I did! I actually texted a load of people when i bought these shoes, they really cheered me up! I wasnt looking for anything at the time but life has a way of sending something your way to put a smile on your face and these were it!

I been thinking of getting some ballet pumps shoes but for what they are, they can be quite expensive so I just kept my eye open and looked around.
I was in town and browsing a sports shop that is full to the brim with stuff, lovely cheap designer surfer's fleeces tucked in amongst cheap, nasty nylon football shorts. It pays to rummage around as I came away with a few bargins there before.

I was walking past the women's footwear department, looking for trainers when i saw this box on the floor, the only one in the shop stacked up with other boxes they are trying to sell off cheap.

 Pink? With that famous little cat's face on it? Check! Heart is beating faster...and in my size? MINE!!!
 And they are now mine!
 Even the soles are cute with tiny detailed hello kitty on them! *squeals*
 Be still my little heart!
 I love these shoes so much that i even painted my little tooties pink for the overall effect! excuse my grubby little digits!

The best thing about these shoes?
They only costed me £5! dirt cheap!

Whats your favourite pair of shoes?

Birdie Love

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