Monday, 30 July 2012


Today I took a friend to the national Marine Aquarium in Plymouth for her birthday...she got in for free as my carer...didn't even realised i needed one to be honest!
The Aquarium has come on leaps and bounds and its rather cool to look at now. Thought I share some piccys
We were transfixed, watching this lobster eat its mackeral dinner...gruesomely amazing with all its little limbs and claws flailing away...!

Think I will have this one for dinner tonight...

Teenie tiny dog/catfishes...basically teenie tiny sharks! - harmless so dont you worry there if one swims by you!

Dude...we can totally see you, you know?...

under the seaaaaaa...*pretends to be the little mermaid*

Conger Eel...if you ever get to see one let me warn you...they are massively long and bigger than people give them credit for!

Moon Jellyfish...i totally fell in love with them - can you blame me?

whoa...look at the colours...i have never seen a hot pink jelly like this before!

looks like a toadstool no?

whats great is you get a chance to see behind the scene as well where they breed seahorses and other creatures

Ray...i love watching them.  they seem so relaxed and dreamy!

jaws...dur...dem, dur...dem...

I nicknamed this fish the punk-rocker fish...i mean look at his mohawk-like fins for a start! You can see this guy moshing in the mosh pits already!

"Why, hello there..."

I'm embarassed to look into the tank and spent ages looking for a fish before realising it was right in front of me...maybe i do need a carer after all...

pretty coloured coral

nah...i'll have this one for dinner...he's bigger! :P

If you're in plymouth, it is worth giving this place a go! I got given a pass for a year's free visit after today which is great! It's rather nice to see all the different fish in various habitats and its very really relaxing to watch them swim as well!

but its also really nice to have freshly made hot donuts by the sea as well!

I really do want a better camera to capture beautiful things like today.
Going around today i was telling my friend what i knew about the various creatures and she eventually replied that I knew rather a lot about animals...
...I guess animals are easier to understand than humans is my logic!

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