Sunday, 29 July 2012

this week in pictures...part 2

 I stumbled across a medieval fair out in the middle of the countryside...which i will share more with you later!
 I took a boat trip around the plymouthian waters and tamar estuary...again i will share more with you as this is such a stunning stretch of coastline and Plymouth has such a diverse and busy shoreline from rural countryside cliffs to military merchant yards!
 I saw an old fashion punch and judy show! Such a rarity these days!
 I thrifted around many a cluttered, eclectric little shops in the country side towns!
 I fell in love with fabrics in my beloved fabric home away from home!
 and what's that all wrapped up so delicately?
 Yes, you guessed it, more fabric that i came home with! Such beautiful bunting design - so british, summery and cheery!
 I shall be making a top from this fabric as i love it so much!
 nd i finally tracked down a felting needle! so I can now felt! Going to give it a whirl soon!
 I bagged myself and hubby some bargins! Lookie here at these sexy trainers for £5!
 I thrifted in my local beloved charity shop and walked away with some books i been wanting to get for a while! Including a book on the working life of a forensics examiner...along with pictures...not that it puts me off! I always wanted to work in forensics! And you can't call yourself a rock chick if you don't know who Pearl Lowe is!...and I dont really need to explain who Julie Walters is now do i?!
 Thrifty purchases also included some mega cheap embroidery hoops and a large man's shirt in a lovely fabric that i'm hoping to alter into a nice top for me...fingers crossed!
And look who came home with us today! Scooter! An orignal 1976 Jim Henderson's Muppet show character plushie! he is so lovely and tactile!

What did you do this week gone?

Birdie Love


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