Friday, 27 July 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth

This is the Olympics of course! I'm writing this as I'm watching all the countries of the world file out into the London Olympic arena...and it's been a brilliant opening ceremony so far!
So I thought I share some Olympic/London themed crafts with you all to celebrate this!

Olympics Let the Games Begin Hoop Art Hand Embroidery London Olympics Hunger Games

A nice Olympics/Hunger Games cross over for the geeky!

London Bus Cushion - Cuddly Toy Jubilee & London Olympics
 I love that the crafter who made this routemaster bus was inspired by her two year old son recently learnt to say "bus" and is apparently obsessed with them!

Olympic Rings inspired Soap - London Olympics - special olympics - 2012 olympics - olympics party

 Soap and Olympics?....sure...why the hell not?!

London Olympics 2012 Illustrated Canvas Bag

Such a brilliantly ingenious design idea!... a subtle combo of both britishness and it!

2012 London Olympics Tea Cosy

I'm sure even the Olympics stops for a cuppa from time to time! Nicely crafted!

Bubble jewelry Olympic rings necklace
Ad caption
I'm liking how this idea has taken off, crochet reallys works here!

Small Quilt Pattern 'London Parks Celebrates 2012'  Olympics

 Such a gorgeous mini quilt pattern, so quaint and chic at the same time!

Every Day Roll Out of Bed and Punch that Day in the Throat - Funny Olympic Inspirational Print - Multi Rainbow - 8x10
 I'm sure the Olympians will be living by this motto during their time here at the Olympics! And its certainly something I could do with as inspiration at the moment what with my depression/head injury etc...I'm gunna "bassai dai" the days from now on!

London Skyline Watercolour Original
I love the colours and "reflection". Such a nice London skyline painting, one of the better ones I've seen out there!

City Series no.1 - LONDON. Laser-cut.
If you know me, one thing you would know is I have a weakness for paper-cut art and I adore this little piece complete with the well known phrase as it were, you would always hear when using the London tube! 

Whatever your view is on the Olympics and indeed London, I hope you enjoy the Olympics and wish your country good luck where ever you may be from!

Birdie Love

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