Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Right now...

  • I'm enjoying the sun and forcing myself out the house if i can. Recently becoming a little agrophobic isn't good especially when the tablets make me shake, feeling weak and tired and i only feel ok either in bed or on the sofa...oh well!
  • Is feeling a little embarassed for her house rabbit Bruce who was asleep on the sofa, content to be stroked by me only to be woken by being humped by Indy the small, baby male guinea-pig...well I doubt baby is the right word...!
  • I'm wondering what is the fine balance of telling/talking to others about my depression/disability. You want people to know but not for sympathy or attention but for those to understand. These days, I don't want to give away much for fear of giving the gossipers some fodder to feast on!
  •  Gutted that Dale is dead from The Walking Dead! I was hoping they stick it out with him like in the comic...but noooooo...!!!
  • Is thinking on how to get my muse and my "oomph" back! I'm normally such an inspired individual and forever coming up with new ideas or wanting to try new things. I might actually go as far as contacting some people i know and ask them how do they get inspired and keep the inspiration going through a project? Any ideas?
  • Liking how tidy parts of the house currently kitchen! can see what is in the cupboards!
  • Really wants to go deep sea fishing and might organise that soon with a friend, and go power-boating....and kayaking...and swimming....
  • Praying for a friend and her dad who is severely ill with cancer - he will make for her wedding and he will be there and be fine. x
  • trying to get back in touch with people more and come back into the real world, however scared i am! I will do it dammit!
  • I'm so quiet these days. Blogger really is the only place i daily update as its a journal like thing to show how i'm doing for my own eyes. If people read this that is fine, I am happy to share my experiences I guess. I dont put anything really private up I guess.
  • Wanting my blog, my space, my house, my life to be a happier place for me and others - so i'm working on that!
  • Amazed at how babysitting my godson yesterday went so well and left me feeling happier that I did something ok...babies have an amazing ability to cheer you up!
Birdie Love.

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