Saturday, 21 July 2012


Flowers and plants are such a visually, eye-popping viw when grouped together no? And the colours!
Flowers are one of the few things that make me smile and lift that depression cloud up a bit. I think its the colours and vibrancy they offer and if you're lucky, the lovely heady scents they have too! They are so fragile in this strong, brutal world and last only for a short while so it's nice for me to stop and step back a bit to appreciate them. And flowers are free! They are out there growing by roads, in your gardens and in the wild to enjoy, heralding the seasons as they grow, stand and die down to repeat themselves again the next season.
If I had the money, i would buy myself fresh flowers frequently and put them around my house, something living, something so alive and fresh in my gloomy little world!
The weather here in britain is making everything die and rot from too much rain! So seeing these was a real treat!
hope you enjoy!

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